Heather Christie Band      (now defunct)


I really loved what I did to this photo of Heather, and it seemed to make a big impact on visitors to her website. It's a simple process that imparts a huge impact.

Heather's eyes aren't truly that green, though they often appear to be when the light strikes them just right, so I felt it wasn't too far a stretch to add a bit more mystery to an already hauntingly stark photograph.


This page sets the tone and pattern -- the style book, if you will -- for the rest of the website.

Don Frank took the majority of the photos that were on the site. He has a fantastic talent for adding movement to a static medium, and I love his eye for color composition as well.


In this page, I broke out of the basic style book for the main image at the top of this page as it had been the original home page of the website. The blurry photo of the band actually contained images that featured each member of the band, appearing as visitors rolled their mouse over each portion of the photo.


Again using the technique as I did for the main index/splash page, I 'colorized' segments of photos for some pages' title, or banner, section.

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I think, overall, it was a successful layout and looks rather polished. I'm sorry it no longer exists anywhere but on an archive disk, and in these few webshots.


This was the last incarnation of the main music page, after Heather had decided to go back to solo performing. The banner images now read only heather christie. For this page, I handled the band's absence by changing this to Heather and the heather christie band.




Unfortunately, Heather decided not to maintain her website after taking a sabattical from music. She performs occasionally now, mostly solo, but the full band only produced two CD's -- Live, and Love Road, both of which can still be found at cdbaby.com. If you ever get a chance to hear her -- with or without a band -- do!

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